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Frances White

Faculty Curator of Biological Collections, Museum of Natural and Cultural History
Phone: 541-346-5278
Office: 302C Condon Hall
Office Hours: Winter 2024 Monday 3 to 5 pm (Zoom)
Research Interests: Primate behavioral ecology, primate evolution


B.A., Cambridge-U.K. (1980); M.A., Cambridge-U.K. (1981); Ph.D., SUNY-Stony Brook (1986)


As a biological anthropologist and behavioral ecologist, Dr. White’s research interests examine the evolution of human sociality using comparative studies of non-human primates. Her research focuses on the complex interplay between ecology, female sociality, and sex-based social and mating strategies in the evolution of social systems. Dr. White conducts research with bonobos in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and free-ranging lemurs on St. Catherine’s Island, GA. She directs the UO Primate Osteology Lab which houses the UO Primate Osteology Collection along with the Primate Data Lab.

Lab Location: 304 Condon

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