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Andrew Goble

Phone: 541-346-4800
Office: 361 McKenzie Hall
Office Hours: Winter 23, Monday and Wednesday 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Research Interests: Japan


  • Illness, mortality, and medical concepts in medieval Japan, illness and treatment in the 16th century Recent Teaching
  • History of Japan
  • Medicine and Society in Pre-modern Japan
  • East Asian Civilization
  • Buddhism and Society in Medieval Japan


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  • "Social Change, Knowledge, and History: Emperor Hanazono's Admonitions to the Crown Prince", Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, p. 55 (1995)
  • "Truth, Contradiction, and Harmony in Medieval Japan: Emperor Hanazono (1297-1348) and Buddhism." Journal of the International
  • Association of Buddhist Studies 12 (1989)
  • "The Officials of the Kamakura Bakufu" in J. Mass and W. Hauser, The Bakufu in Japanese History (Stanford University Press, 1985)