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Robert Haskett

Professor Emeritus
History, Latin American Studies
Phone: 541-346-4836
Office: 340W McKenzie Hall


  • Co-Editor, Mesoamerican Ethnohistory Section, Handbook of Latin American Studies (a bi-annual annotated bibliography)
  • Indigenous Rulers: An Ethnohistory of Indian Town Government in Colonial Cuernavaca (University of New Mexico Press, 1991)
  • "'Our Suffering with the Taxco Tribute:' Involuntary Mine Labor and Indigenous Society in Central New Spain," Hispanic American
  • Historical Review (1991)
  • "Indian Town Government in Colonial Cuernavaca: Persistence, Adaptation, and Change" Hispanic American Historical Review (1987)
  • "'Not a Pastor, But a Wolf:' Indigenous-Clergy Relations in Early Cuernavaca and Taxco," The Americas (1994)
  • "Paper Shields: The Ideology of Coats of Arms in Colonial Mexican Primordial Titles," Ethnohistory (1996)