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Sophie Miller

Graduate Student
Phone: 541-346-5109
Office: 365/366 Condon Hall
Office Hours:
Research Interests: social zooarchaeology, domestication, animal husbandry, sedentism, African archaeology


Graduate Degree:

  • PhD. in Anthropology, in progress, University of Oregon
  • M.A. in Anthropology (First Class Honors), 2015, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • B.A.Hons in Anthropology, (First Class Honors), 2014, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Higher Education:

  • B.A. in Anthropology and Ancient History, 2013, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Research Interests

Social zooarchaeology, human-animal interactions, diet and health, morphometrics and functional morphology, Domestication, Animal Husbandry, Human Palaeoecology, human-animal studies


Sophie (pronouns: they/she) is a zooarchaeologist and doctoral candidate specialising in ancient human-animal relationships in Post-Ice Age Southwest Asia.

Their dissertation research investigates ancient human-cat relationships from early interactions with humans, to the domestication of early African wildcats, to the modern-day role that domestic cats play in human society. 


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