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Sanaz Riahi

Global Studies
Phone: 4582101194
Office: PLC 316
Office Hours: 12-1.30 pm Thursdays, 9-10.30 Am Fridays
Research Interests: Global mental health, depression, suicide


Sanaz studied medicine in Iran for 7 years and worked 2 years as a General Practitioner in a village near her hometown, Rafsanjan. Having experienced mental health issues herself, she got more and more interested in the field and raising people's awareness of its importance. As many people in the village she worked in were suffering from mental health disorders, she got keen on the reasons behind this phenamenon. She spent hours and hours listening to suicidal, depressed, bipolar patients whom she could understand deeply as she had also felt the pressure, the stigma and everything else these disorders would bring into people's lives. That was when she decided to create a podcast called "Donyaye Nashenakhte" meaning "The unknown world" in persian, talking to volunteers who had struggled with mental health issues, their symptoms, feelings and ways which helped them go through with it. At first, Sanaz thought of persuing her studies and research in her home country, Iran but later on she realized psychiatry in Iran is highly influenced by religious or traditional beliefs and unfortunately its practice is not professional enough so she decided to apply for another country and that was when she came across with the term "Global Studies". She got engrossed in the field and figured it could answer the questions in her head. Although she is a little stressed about the big shift from Doctorate in medicine to M.A in Global Studies, she is so so excited about her new journey and she cant wait to start learning!