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Brian Diamond examines a model of a crystal structure on the University of Oregon’s supercomputer

A Supercomputer Scavenger Hunt for Energy Storage

The discovery of a material that can efficiently store and deliver electrochemical energy could be a game changer in the transition to clean power. Christopher Hendon and his chemistry research group are searching for it—not in the ground, but in the circuits of a supercomputer.

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Picture of brain

Blowing Minds

Have you ever held a human brain in your hand? Or watched in fascination as zebrafish neurons make connections in real time? Or helped develop a potential brain implant? These are just a few of our students' mind-blowing highlights from the growing Neuroscience Program.

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Computer screen showing blocking of cyber attack

Hacking the Job Market

Millions of cyberattacks each year put our sensitive information at risk. A new hands-on major prepares students to become front-line defenders of consumer privacy within the dynamic and growing cybersecurity field.

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Jogger's legs

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Want to make New Year’s resolutions you’ll actually keep this year? Psychology doctoral student Deanna Strayer offers research-backed tips for successful goal setting to help you stick to your resolutions throughout the coming year.

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Little Larvae to Hit the Big Screen

Students from the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology delved into the Atlantic Ocean in search of rare organisms that thrive without sunlight. An upcoming IMAX film will document their journey—and, they hope, inspire a new generation of women scientists.

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Nadia Singh

Mentorship at the Core of 
Research Training Program

PREP Bio offers transformative experiences for aspiring graduate researchers
from minoritized backgrounds.

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REEES speaker

Rethinking Russian Studies

As Russia continues to wage war on Ukraine, UO faculty are joining a global effort to decolonize Russian and Slavic studies. By shining a spotlight on Ukraine and other former colonies, they're celebrating the resilience of the human spirit. 

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Mindfulness Yoga

Free Your Mind—and Peace Will Follow

Mindfulness is a theme of one of the most popular elective courses at the UO, taught by David McCormick, director of the Institute of Neuroscience. Discover how a mindfulness routine can help you—and how you can get started.

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