School of Computer and Data Sciences

Viet Lai

Computer Science
Office: 347 Deschutes Hall

Jun Li

Director, Center for Cyber Security and Privacy
Computer Science
Phone: 541-346-4424
Office: 362 Deschutes Hall
Research Interests: Cyber Security and Privacy, Networking, Distributed Systems, Blockchain, Internet of Things

Yingjiu Li

Computer Science
Phone: 541-346-4428
Office: 256 Deschutes Hall
Office Hours: Friday 10-11
Research Interests: IoT Security and Privacy, Mobile and System Security, Applied Cryptography and Cloud Security, Data Application Security and Privacy

Aliza Lisan

Computer Science
Office: 207 Deschutes Hall

Virginia Lo

Associate Professor Emerita
Computer Science
Phone: 541-346-4473
Research Interests: Parallel and Distributed Computing, Networks

Daniel Lowd

Associate Professor
Computer Science
Phone: 541-346-4154
Office: 262 Deschutes Hall
Office Hours: Tuesday 2-3pm, Friday 10-11am
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Qiuhao Lu

Computer Science
Phone: 541-346-0199
Office: 343 Deschutes Hall

Eugene Luks

Professor Emeritus
Computer Science
Phone: 541-346-1379
Office: 143 Deschutes Hall
Research Interests: Algebraic Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Symbolic Computation