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PHYSICS - Three University of Oregon physicists are able to continue their mission to uncover the fundamental secrets of the universe, thanks to continued funding from the U.S. Department of Energy.
BIOLOGY - Two assistant professors of biology at the University of Oregon have landed prized early-stage research grants, funding their projects for the next five years.
NEUROSCIENCE - New research in mice sheds light on the seemingly random brain signals that hum in the background of brains. These signals might help the brain switch between states of inattention or disengagement and states of optimal performance, UO researchers reported Oct. 14 in the journal Neuron.
ENGLISH - Together with a team at the University of Idaho, librarians at the UO received a $49,919 digital humanities advancement grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to develop new technology-focused teaching plans for humanities courses.
EARTH SCIENCES - There’s a new saber-toothed predator in town — and it’s been hiding in plain sight. The fossil specimen, unearthed in Wyoming, was on display for decades at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. When it went off-exhibit in 2017 during a museum renovation, UO graduate student Paul Barrett finally got a closer look.
COMICS AND CARTOON STUDIES - ’Tis the season on campus for events guaranteed to lift your spirits.
THEATRE ARTS - A unique partnership between a Department of Theatre Arts professor, director and playwright and a Grand Ronde tribal elder and actor has given Native theater a voice and a presence on campus.
GEOGRAPHY - While there’s little doubt in the scientific community about the causes of climate change, questions remain on its effects on the Earth’s landscapes in the coming decades. With the help of two new grants for more than $600,000, UO geography professors Johnny Ryan and Sarah Cooley are working to shine a light on some of those unanswered questions.
LINGUISTICS - A Yakama Nation elder and language teacher who was the University of Oregon’s oldest-ever graduate will reach a major milestone next week.
THEATRE ARTS - After a year and a half of canceled, scaled back, and performed over Zoom, University Theatre is back with a full roster of in-theater productions.
SOCIOLOGY - A UO professor has distilled 10 years of research on birth control and women’s experiences surrounding it into a new book that’s already sparking conversations across the country.
ROMANCE LANGUAGES - Cornesha Tweede, now an instructor in the Department of Romance Languages, was recently selected to participate in a $96,347 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant-funded project on the influence of the African Diaspora on theater in the Iberian Peninsula between the years 1400 and 1800.
CHEMISTRY & BIOCHEMISTRY - UO chemist Geraldine Richmond has been confirmed as the new undersecretary of science and energy for the federal Department of Energy following a voice vote by the U.S. Senate.
ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES - Skylights are an aesthetically pleasing design choice, but they’re also an underappreciated source of sustainable heat energy for buildings, according to a new study from UO researchers.
In Glasgow, Scotland, 20,000 delegates from 196 nations have converged to hear the latest science, negotiate commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions, secure financing for developing nations, and debate progress on fulfilling climate pledges. UO faculty experts in law, geography, planning and politics weigh in.