Natural Sciences

Leah O'Brien

Undergraduate Program Specialist, Academic Support Unit 6
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Physics
Phone: 541-346-4839
Office: 91A Klamath Hall

Brennan O'Connell

Earth Sciences
Research Interests: Sedimentation and stratigraphy, sedimentary geochemistry, tectonics

Leland O'Driscoll

Associate Director, Oregon Hazards Lab
Earth Sciences
Phone: 541-346-3408
Office: 1600 Millrace Dr., Ste 251

Daniel O'Hara

Earth Sciences
Research Interests: Volcanic geomorphology, tectonic geomorphology, volcanology, neotectonics

Jo O'Harrow

Pre-PhD student
Phone: 541-346-0295
Office: 114 McArthur Court

Theresa O'Nell

Associate Professor Emeritus
Phone: 541-346-5100
Office: 372 Condon Hall
Office Hours:

Chelsea Obeidy

PhD Candidate
Earth Sciences
Office: 222A Pacific Hall
Research Interests: Environmental Soil Chemistry

Autumn Oberhart

ASU 7 Lead Communications Assistant, EcoPeer
Anthropology, Environmental Studies, Geography
Office: Condon 107

Pat OGrady

Research Assistant
Phone: 541-346-0671
Office: Or State Mus of Anth, bldg 547, 1724 Moss St
Office Hours:

Victoria Olajide

Graduate Student
Phone: 541-346-5109
Office: 365/366 Condon Hall
Office Hours: Wednesdays 1- 2 pm via zoom or by appointment
Research Interests: Archaeobotany, Palynology, Paleoenvironmetal reconstruction, Late Stone Age, Origins and transmission of food production, Ceramic analysis, Stone to Metal Age transitions, West African archaeology

Hussein Olama

Pre-PhD student
Phone: 541-346-0298
Office: 115 McArthur Court

Daniel Olds

Computer Science

Ellen Olsen

Ph.D. Student
Earth Sciences
Office: 205B Cascade Hall
Office Hours: Tuesday 2-3pm; Friday 12-1pm
Research Interests: Experimental geochemistry and petrology

Lori Olsen

ASU4 Graduate Coordinator
Human Physiology, Linguistics, Psychology
Phone: 541-346-5060
Office: 137 Straub Hall

Eli Orland

Earth Sciences

William Orr

Professor Emeritus
Earth Sciences
Phone: 541-346-4577
Office: 314 Cascade Hall

Julissa Ortiz-Delatorre

Graduate Employee
Human Physiology

Frimpong Osei

Computer Science
Office: 239 Deschutes Hall

Louis Osternig

Professor Emeritus
Human Physiology
Phone: 541-346-3384

Victor Ostrik

Director of Graduate Studies
Phone: 541-346-4723
Office: 323 Fenton Hall
Office Hours: Monday 11-12, Wednesday 11-12

Claudia Owen

Adjunct Instructor
Courtesy Research Associate
Earth Sciences
Office: 100 Cascade Hall

Lo Owens

ASU4 Faculty Support
Human Physiology, Linguistics, Psychology
Office: 936 PLC

Constance Ozimek

Earth Sciences
Research Interests: Geophysics, Magma Chamber modeling