Andrew Labuza

Graduate Employee
Office: 614 PLC
Office Hours: Spring 2022: By appointment only

Charles Lachman

Associate Professor Emeritus
History Art & Arch, Medieval Studies
Phone: 541-346-2130
Office: 168 Lawrence Hall

Gabbie LaFayette

Earth Sciences
Research Interests: Hydrology, Aqueous Geochemistry, Contaminants

Huangwen Lai

Visiting Lecturer, Japanese Literature
East Asian Languages
Phone: 541-346-4041
Office: 423 Friendly Hall
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 1:00-2:00 or by appointment

(Larry) Syu-Heng Lai

Earth Sciences
Office: 305A Cascade Hall
Research Interests: Sedimentary Geology, Tectonic Geomorphology

Viet Lai

Computer Science
Office: 347 Deschutes Hall

Yi-yi Lai

MA Student
Language Teaching Studies

Flora Lam

Graduate Student
East Asian Languages
Office: FR027
Research Interests: second language acquisition, bilingualism, multilingualism

Peter Lambert

Professor Emeritus
Phone: 541-346-4670

Scott Lambert

Graduate Student
Institute for Fundamental Science, Physics
Phone: 541-346-4770
Office: 361 Willamette Hall
Office Hours: Wednesdays: 5pm - 7pm (ASTR 122)

James Lamping

PhD Student
Phone: 541-346-4555
Office: 107 Condon Hall
Research Interests: Remotes sensing, forest ecology, geospatial analysis, landscape ecology, climate change, landscape modeling

Tiemo Landes

Graduate Student
OMQ, Physics
Phone: 541-346-4770
Office: 242B Willamette Hall

Marissa Lane-Massee

Graduate Student
Environmental Studies

Jun Lang

PhD Candidate
Teaching Assistant; Research Assistant
East Asian Languages
Phone: 541-346-4090
Office: 27 Friendly Hall
Research Interests: Corpus Linguistics, Language and Gender, Second Language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics, Cognitive Linguistics

Andrew Langford

Religious Studies
Phone: 541-346-5984
Office: 346 Susan Campbell Hall
Office Hours: Thursdays 1:00pm-2:00pm and 5:00pm-6:00pm

Jonathan E. Langseth

Research Interests: Metaphysics, Aesthetics, History of Philosophy, Logic, Process Philosophy.My dissertation investigates the concepts of continuity and discreteness.

Deirdre Lannon


Hanna LaPointe

Faculty Support Coordinator
Economics, General Social Sciences, Political Science, Sociology
Phone: 541-346-2577
Office: 435 PLC

Lydia Lapporte

Graduate Employee
Environmental Studies
Research Interests: Ocean Studies, Art & Environment, Indigenous Studies, Political Ecology, Environmental Humanities

Katheryne Laqua

English Graduate Student

Ana-Maurine Lara

Associate Professor
William and Susan Piché Faculty Fellow
Black Studies, IRES, Latinx, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Phone: 541-346-5032
Office: 322 Hendricks Hall
Office Hours: Fall 2022 – by appointment; Winter & Spring 2023 – 10am -12pm
Research Interests: Afro Latino/a Identities, Black Queer Aesthetics, Vudú in the Dominican Republic, and Afro-Dominicanidad and the Struggle Against Xenophobia in the Dominican Republic

Maria Monica Lara

Senior Instructor II of Spanish
Phone: 541-346-4057
Office: UO Annex, Ste 6
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 12-12:50

Jon LaRochelle

Research Interests: American Pragmatism, Social and Political, Public Philosophy (esp. homelessness)

Emily Larson

Graduate Employee
Human Physiology
Phone: 541-346-4507
Office: 138 Esslinger Hall

Sarah Jo Larson

Travel Technician
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 541-346-0674
Office: Remote-work employee
Office Hours: 830-5pm
Research Interests: I support faculty, staff, and students under supervision of shared services CAS-DAS ASU8 primarily in Travel related requests

Wendy Larson

Professor Emerita, Chinese Literature
Asian Studies, East Asian Languages
Phone: 541-346-4012
Office: 301 Friendly Hall

C. Anne Laskaya

Associate Professor
English, Humanities Program, Medieval Studies
Phone: 541-346-1517
Office: 357 PLC
Office Hours: Winter Term: M 2-3:30pm, T 2:30-4pm & by appt. (please email for appt)
Research Interests: Feminism Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Medieval Literary and Cultural Studies, Rhetoric, Composition, and Composition Pedagogy

Peter Laufer

Professor, James N. Wallace Chair of Journalism
European Studies, Food Studies, SOJC, SOJC-Journalism, SOJC-Journalism Master's, SOJC-Media Studies Master's, SOJC-Media Studies PhD, SOJC-Multimedia Journalism
Phone: 541-346-2109
Office: 203 Allen Hall

Fallon-James Laxa

Student Worker ASU 7
Anthropology, Environmental Studies, Geography
Office: Columbia 144

Marena Lear

Comparative Literature Graduate Student
Comparative Literature
Phone: 541-346-1515
Office: 23 PLC
Research Interests: Interests: 20th and 21st century English language poetry and poetics, Latin American film & literature, film and digital media studies, feminist theory and gender studies

Sabrina Leathers

Faculty Support Specialist and Reception
Latin American Studies
Phone: 541-346-3832
Office: 220G Knight Law Center

Jacob Lebovic

PhD student (Sinha)
Phone: 541-346-0231
Office: 309 Fenton Hall

Abigail Lee

Assistant Professor
Phone: 541-346-2840

Changhoon Lee

Pro tem Korean Language Instructor
East Asian Languages
Office: Friendly 203

Eun Young Lee

Instructor, Korean Language
East Asian Languages
Phone: (714) 454-7003
Office: 311 Friendly Hall
Office Hours: Thursday, 3-5pm

Gyoung-Ah Lee

Director of Graduate Studies
Anthropology, Asian Studies, Food Studies
Phone: 541-346-5077
Office: 254 Condon Hall
Office Hours: Thur 2-4pm
Research Interests: Environmental archaeology, paleoethnobotany, ethnobotany, origins of agriculture, East Asian archaeology

Hyunsoo Lee

Graduate Student
Phone: 541-346-5109
Office: 365/366 Condon Hall
Office Hours: Thursday 4-6 PM Via Zoom
Research Interests: Archaeobotany, Early Holocene subsistence, Plant resource use, Plant domestication, Agriculture, Historical ecology, East Asia

Jaichung Lee

Doctoral Student
Office: 828 PLC
Office Hours: Spring 2023: Monday 4-5, Thursday 4-5, Friday 1-2
Research Interests: Development economics, environmental economics

Jungah Lee

PhD Candidate
Graduate employee
East Asian Languages
Phone: 541-346-7018
Office: UO Annex, Ste 210
Office Hours: Thursday: 2-3pm
Research Interests: Sociophonetics, Sociolinguistics, Dialect acquisition, North Korean phonetics

Joonpyo Lee

East Asian Languages
Office: 308 Friendly Hall
Office Hours: F 2:30 - 3:30
Research Interests: Textual Critique, Early Chinese Historical Wiring, Chinese Classics Studies (經學), Chinese Classics (儒家經傳), Excavated Texts

Pearl Lee

Comparative Literature Graduate Student/GE
Comparative Literature
Phone: 541-346-0934
Office: 313B Villard Hall
Office Hours: Sprig Term: Mondays 1:30p-3:30p
Research Interests: Biopolitics; Neo-Marxism; 20th- and 21st- century East Asian and Latin American literatures engaging with neoliberalism; Asian diasporic literature; film, animation and comic studies

Keunyoung (Kris) Lee

Korean Instructor
East Asian Languages
Phone: 541-346-7018
Office: UO Annex, Ste 210
Research Interests: Korean Linguistics

Rachael Lee

English Graduate Student
English, Environmental Studies
Phone: 541-346-0050
Office: 269 PLC

Sol Lee

Doctoral Student
Graduate Employee
Political Science
Phone: 541-346-4865
Office: PLC 836
Research Interests: International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Behavior and Preferences

Harlan Lefevre

Professor emeritus
Phone: 541-346-4799
Office: Accelerator Lab, Volcanology

Kait Leggett

Creative Writing Graduate Student/ ENG GE
Office: 255 PLC
Office Hours: Winter Term: MW 10:30am-12pm

Amy Leggette

Postdoctoral Instructional Scholar
Comparative Literature
Office: 306 Villard Hall

Tobias Lehmann

PhD Candidate
Graduate Employee
German & Scandinavian
Phone: 541-346-4051
Office: 312 Friendly Hall
Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays from 4 to 5 PM via Zoom
Research Interests: East German Literature, Postwar Literature (esp. Committed Literature), Critical Thought, Bloch, Holocaust Studies, Nietzsche

Jean Paul Leidenz Font

Doctoral Student
Office: 827 PLC
Office Hours: F23: Wednesday 1:00-3:00

Nadege Lejeune

Comparative Literature Graduate Student/GE
MA Student Language Teaching Studies
Comparative Literature, Language Teaching Studies, Linguistics
Phone: 541-346-0937
Office: 261 PLC

Stephanie LeMenager

Barbara and Carlisle Moore Professor of English
English, Environmental Studies
Phone: 541-346-3966
Office: 457 PLC
Office Hours: Not teaching Winter 2024, email for appt.
Research Interests: 19th Century American Literary Studies, Environmental Humanities, Postmodern and Contemporary Literary Studies

Julia Lesage

Professor Emerita
Phone: 541-346-3979
Office: 1286 University of Oregon
Office Hours:

Andrew Lesak

Graduate Student
OMQ, Physics
Phone: 541-346-4770
Office: 215 Willamette Hall

Jason Lester

Comparative Literature Graduate Student / GE
Comparative Literature
Phone: 541-346-0934
Office: 313B Villard Hall
Research Interests: Modernist and Contemporary Poetry, Transpacific Studies, Interwar Literature and Culture, Film and Media Studies

Eric Levenson

PhD Candidate
Climate Studies, Geography
Phone: 541-346-2699
Office: 105 Condon Hall
Research Interests: Hydrology, Arctic Environmental Change, Remote Sensing, Deep Learning and Statistical Modeling, Climate Risk

Don S. Levi

Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: logic, philosophy of mathematics

David Levin

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-5621
Office: Monday and Wednesday 3:35-4:30
Office Hours: MW 2-2:50

Tamaya Levy

PhD Student

Roland Lewinski

Undergraduate Advisor
Asian Studies

David Lewis

Office Hours: Spring term: Mondays and Wednesdays 3:00-4:00pm

Jennifer Lewis

Postdoctoral Scholar
Center for Translational Neuroscience, Psychology
Office: 364 Straub Hall

David Li

Professor Emeritus
Collins Professor of the Humanities Emeritus
Asian Studies, English

Jun Li

Computer Science
Phone: 541-346-4424
Office: 362 Deschutes Hall
Research Interests: Cyber Security and Privacy, Networking, Internet of Things

Peeta Li

Doctoral Student
Research Interests: Cognitive-Neuroscience

Xinzhu Li

Graduate Student
OMQ, Physics
Phone: 541-346-4770
Office: 220 Willamette Hall

Ya-Jo Li

PHD student
East Asian Languages
Phone: 5415143962
Office: Friendly 308
Research Interests: Gender study, Chinese women history (especially Medieval China) and Ming-Qing fictions

Yingjiu Li

Computer Science
Phone: 541-346-4428
Office: 256 Deschutes Hall
Office Hours: Friday 10-11
Research Interests: IoT Security and Privacy, Mobile and System Security, Applied Cryptography and Cloud Security, Data Application Security and Privacy

Ken Liberman

Professor Emertius
Asian Studies, Sociology
Phone: 541-346-5014
Office: 727 PLC
Office Hours: Retired: No office hours.

Shlomo Libeskind

Professor Emeritus

Jeffrey S. Librett

Professor of German & Scandinavian
Department Head, Director of Graduate Studies
German & Scandinavian
Phone: 541-346-0649
Office: 327 Friendly Hall
Office Hours: Winter 2023: Tuesday 3:30-5:00pm and by appointment (through email)
Research Interests: German, French, and English letters; Enlightenment, Counter-enlightenment, Romanticism, and Modernism; literature, philosophy, critical theory, inter-arts discourse, Judaic Studies, psychoanalysis, film

Diana Libuda

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-5092
Office: 375E Streisinger

Hannah Licht

Creative Writing Graduate Student/ ENG GE
Office: 212 PLC
Office Hours: Winter Term: MWF 4-5pm

Jack Lichtman

Graduate Student
OMQ, Physics
Phone: 541-346-4770
Office: 215 Willamette Hall

Sara Lieber

Pro Tem Instructor
Office: 339 Straub Hall
Research Interests: Social, Personality

Gabriel Liebman

Master's Student

Rudi Lien

Ph.D. Student
Earth Sciences
Office: 216 Volcanology
Research Interests: Planetary Science, Geophysics, Volcanology

Raoul Lievanos

Associate Professor
IRES, Sociology
Office: 640 PLC
Office Hours: W24: Monday and Wednesday, 11am to 12:30pm
Research Interests: Environment, Health, Risk, Community and Urban Sociology, Race, Ethnicity, Immigration, Science and Technology, Organizations and Institutions, Social Movements, Spatial Analysis, Quantitative Approaches, Qualitative Approaches

Ryan Light

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-5272
Office: 632 PLC
Office Hours: Fall 2023: Thursday 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Research Interests: Social Networks, Science & Culture, Inequality, Computational Social Science

Ben Lillard

Postdoctoral Scholar
Institute for Fundamental Science, Physics
Phone: 541-346-5291
Office: 475 Willamette Hall

Susanna Lim

Associate Professor of Literature, Russian Studies, and Korean Studies
Director of REEES Graduate Studies
College of Arts and Sciences, East Asian Languages, Global Studies, Korean, Russian East European and Eurasian Studies
Phone: 541-346-0691
Office: 1715 Franklin Blvd., Rm 101
Research Interests: Korean Studies, Korean Literature, Korean Popular Culture, Race Studies, Race in South Korea, Russian Studies, Koryo Saram, Diaspora, Post-colonialism

Yei Won Lim

Comparative Literature Graduate Student
Comparative Literature
Phone: 541-346-1307
Office: 215 PLC

Huaxin Lin

Phone: 541-346-4712
Office: 112A McArthur Court
Office Hours: MWF 2:00-3:30, Tuesday 3:00pm (specially booked), Tuesday 9-10am.

Jiayan Lin

Doctoral Student
Office: 614 PLC
Office Hours: W24: Wednesday 1-3pm

Jiun-Ting "Tim" Lin

NASA Earth & Space Science Fellow
Earth Sciences
Office: 210E Cascade Hall
Research Interests: Seismology, Geodesy, Inversion problem

Monika Lind

Doctoral Student - On Internship
Center for Translational Neuroscience, Psychology
Office: 432 Straub Hall
Research Interests: Clinical, Adolescence, Digital Mental Health, Mobile Sensing, Gendered Experiences, Trauma, Mood Disorders

Rhiannon Lindgren

GE & GTFF Steward 2021.2022
Office: 11C Susan Campbell Hall
Office Hours: Thursdays 10-11:50 am in 11B (basement) of SCH. 1-1:50pm in SCH 11B Wednesday 4-4:50 pm in SCH 11B
Research Interests: Marxist Feminism, Historical Materialism, Social Reproduction, Political Theory, Social Theory, Queer Politics, and Wages for Housework

Hanna Lipkind

Research Interests: German philosophy, existentialism, Arendt, Foucault

Megan Lipsett

Doctoral Student
Center for Translational Neuroscience, Psychology
Research Interests: Health psychology, Stress Physiology, Community-based Participatory Research, Health Equity, Mindfulness, Integrative Medicine, Prevention Science

Robert Lipshitz

Phone: 541-346-5625
Office: 303 Fenton Hall

Aliza Lisan

Computer Science
Office: 207 Deschutes Hall

Chet Lisiecki

Postdoctoral Instructional Scholar
Comparative Literature
Phone: (541) 346-4092
Office: 313B Villard Hall
Research Interests: German literature, aesthetics and politics, trauma studies, comparative modernisms, and formalism

Mila Listrovaya

Doctoral Candidate
Graduate Employee
Phone: 541-346-5002
Office: 605 PLC
Office Hours: Fall 2023: Monday 10:00-12:00
Research Interests: Environmental policy, politics & inequality; Russia; China; media & discourse studies; mixed methods

Krystale Littlejohn

Associate Professor
Global Health Program, IRES, Sociology
Office: 740 PLC
Office Hours: W24: Wednesday 2pm-4pm
Research Interests: Fertility, Race, Gender, Class, Health and Medicine, Body and Embodiment, Science, Knowledge, Technology, Mixed Methods

Richard Littman

In Memoriam
Research Interests: Developmental and History of Psychology

Chutong Liu

Comparative Literature Graduate Student/ ENG GE
Comparative Literature, English, Russian East European and Eurasian Studies
Office: 21 PLC
Office Hours: Winter Term: MW 10-10:50am & by appt.
Research Interests: Russian literature and ballet in the second half of the 19th-century, Silver Age of Russian poetry, 20th-century Soviet and Chinese Socialist Realism

Hanming Liu

PhD student
Phone: 541-346-0236
Office: 115 McArthur Court

Raylor Liu

Graduate Student
Office: 218 Willamette

Xiaoyu Liu

Ph.D. Candidate
East Asian Languages
Phone: 541-346-4090
Office: 27 Friendly Hall
Research Interests: Chinese Linguistics, Psycholinguistics (eye-tracking, self-paced reading), second language acquisition, bilingualism & Chinese language pedagogy

Yue Liu

Courtesy Lecturer
Associate Professor
East Asian Languages
Phone: 541-346-5068
Office: Gerlinger Hall 110
Research Interests: Early Chinese

Dean Livelybrooks

Sr. Instructor II Emeritus
Phone: 541-346-5855
Office: 225 Willamette Hall
Research Interests: Science education/outreach, magnetotellurics, dynamic margin model constraints

Reut Livne-Tarandach

Assistant Professor of Management
Judaic Studies Program
Phone: 541-346-1438
Office: 460 Lillis Hall

Edgar Mauricio Llamas

GE & Promising Scholar (2022-23)
Office: 11A Susan Campbell Hall
Office Hours: Fall 2023: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-3pm
Research Interests: Heidegger, Marx, critical phenomenology, Latin American philosophy, psychoanalysis

Virginia Lo

Associate Professor Emerita
Computer Science
Phone: 541-346-4473
Research Interests: Parallel and Distributed Computing, Networks

Nadia Loan

In Memoriam 1968 - 2017
Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

Amy Lobben

Phone: 541-346-4566
Office: 275 Condon Hall
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday from 1-2
Research Interests: Geographic Information Science, Human-Environmental Interaction, Spatial Decision Making, Neurogeograhpy, GeoSpatial Cognition and Thinking.

Shawn Lockery

Biology, Neuroscience
Phone: 541-346-4590
Office: 305 Huestis Hall

Matthew Loewen

Earth Sciences
Research Interests: Igneous Petrology, Volcanology, Geochemistry

John Logan

Courtesy Professor
Earth Sciences

Katherine Logan

Research Interests: Social and Political Philosophy, Feminism, American Pragmatism, History of Philosophy (esp. Modern and 20th-Century Continental)

Massimo Lollini

Professor Emeritus of Italian
Italian, Romance Languages
Phone: 541-346-0957
Office: 325 Friendly Hall
Research Interests: Humanisms, More-than-Human-Humanism and Ecocriticism, Digital Culture and New Media, Digital Philology, Mediterranean Studies, Italian and European literature and theory.

Pat Lombardi

Rsch Asst Prof/Dir UG Advsg
Biology, Multidisciplinary Science
Phone: 541-346-6055
Office: 65A Klamath Hall

Mark Lonergan

Physical & Materials Chemistry
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Phone: 541-346-4748
Office: 183B Klamath Hall

Autumn Long

English Graduate Student
Office: Oregon Hall, Suite 300W

Jim Long

Senior Instructor Emeritus
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Phone: 541-346-2924
Office: 175 Onyx Bridge

Christopher Lonzo

English Graduate Student/ GE

Lana Lopesi

Assistant Professor
Office: 204 Alder Building
Office Hours: Fall 23, Wednesday 11-12:30pm or by appointment
Research Interests: Pacific Studies, Diaspora Studies, Indigenous and Women of Color Feminisms, Contemporary Pacific Art, Global Indigeneities

Ezdahi Lopez Pineda

MA Student
Language Teaching Studies

Stilianos Louca

Assistant Professor
Office: 282 Onyx Bridge

Daniel Lougen

Masters Student
Research Interests: Individualized Master's Program

Glen Love

Professor Emeritus
Office Hours:

Andrew Lovering

Human Physiology
Phone: 541-346-0831
Office: 218A Pacific Hall
Research Interests: Cardiopulmonary and respiratory physiology

Daniel Lowd

Associate Professor
Computer Science
Phone: 541-346-4154
Office: 262 Deschutes Hall
Office Hours: Monday 2-3pm, Wednesday 10-11am, Friday 10-11am
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Joseph Lowndes

Department Head, Political Science
Black Studies, IRES, Political Science
Phone: 541-346-1478
Office: 919 PLC
Office Hours: Winter 2024: Tuesday and Wednesday 12:00-1:30
Research Interests: American Political Development, Populism, Racial Politics, Conservatism, Political Culture

Leah Lowthorp

Assistant Professor
Anthropology, Folklore Program
Phone: 541-346-5101
Office: 321 Condon Hall
Office Hours: Fall 2023:Wed 12:45-2 and Thurs 1-3

Sergio Loza

Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics
Director of the Spanish Heritage Language Program
Romance Languages, Spanish, Spanish Heritage Language Program
Office: 430 Friendly Hall
Office Hours: Wednesday 4-5pm via Zoom only (email me for link)
Research Interests: Spanish heritage language education, Spanish heritage language pedagogy, linguistics, sociolinguistics, U.S. Spanish, critical language awareness

Juntao Lu

Pre-PhD student
Phone: 541-346-0240
Office: 115 McArthur Court

Peng Lu

Phone: 541-346-4727
Office: 112B McArthur Court
Office Hours: MWF 2-3pm

Qiuhao Lu

Computer Science
Phone: 541-346-0199
Office: 343 Deschutes Hall

Hui (Henry) Luan

Assistant Professor
Phone: 541-346-4546
Office: 154 Condon Hall
Research Interests: Spatiotemporal Analysis; Spatial Epidemiology; Bayesian Statistics; Big Spatial Data Analytics; GIScience

Ben Lucas

Classics Graduate Student
Office: 336 Susan Campbell Hall
Office Hours: Fridays 2:30pm-3:30pm - office hour appointments should be made by email in advance

Nanosh Lucas

Graduate Employee
History, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Office: 340C McKenzie Hall
Office Hours: Winter 23, Monday 11:50-1:50
Research Interests: U.S. History, African American History, Race, Black Power Studies

Melissa Lucash

Research Assistant Professor
Environmental Studies, Geography
Phone: 541-346-4598
Office: 245 Columbia Hall
Office Hours: Tue at 9am, Thur at 1pm
Research Interests: forest ecology,climate change, wildfire, spatial modeling,landscape ecology

Katie Lucernoni

Graduate Employee
Human Physiology
Office: 405 Hayward Field

Audrey Lucero

Associate Professor
Director of UO Latinx Studies program
CLLAS, College of Education, Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education, IRES, Latinx
Phone: 541-346-8069
Office: 126C Lokey Education Bldg
Research Interests: Schooling For Latinx Students and Others From Marginalized Communities, and How Those Experiences Influence Their Identities As Literate Beings

Genesee Lucia

Graduate Employee
Earth Sciences

Jennifer Lue

Graduate Student
Institute for Fundamental Science, Physics
Phone: 541-346-4722
Office: 445 Willamette Hall

David Luebke

Katherine G. Brady & Thomas A. Brady, Jr., Roger Chickering & Alison Baker Professor of Central European Histories
European Studies, Food Studies, German & Scandinavian, History, Judaic Studies Program
Phone: 541-346-2394
Office: 357 McKenzie Hall

Christina Lujin

Operations Specialist ASU 3
Arabic Studies, Classics, Comparative Literature, Comparative Literature Journal, Digital Humanities, Disability Studies, English, Folklore Program, Humanities Program, Medieval Studies, Northwest Indian Language Institute, Philosophy, Religious Studies
Phone: 541-346-1327
Office: 311 PLC
Office Hours: PLC: MTW 12:30-4pm, Remote: MTW 7am-11:30am and ThF 7:30am-4pm

John Lukacs

Professor Emeritus
Anthropology, Asian Studies
Phone: 541-346-5112
Office: 355 Condon Hall
Office Hours:

Alton Luken

Head of Operations - Pine Mountain Observatory

Eugene Luks

Professor Emeritus
Computer Science
Phone: 541-346-1379
Office: 143 Deschutes Hall
Research Interests: Algebraic Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Symbolic Computation

Øyvind Lundesgaard

Visiting Graduate Student
Earth Sciences
Research Interests: High latitude oceanography, fjords, internal waves

Caroline Lundquist

Pro Tem Instructor of Philosophy & Research Associate/Associate Director CGOEP
Office: 310 Chapman Hall
Office Hours: Fridays: 2:30-3:30 p.m. AND by appointment during Spring 2021

Stefanie Lune

Executive Support Coordinator
Black Studies, Cinema Studies Program, CLLAS, Creative Writing Program, History, IRES, Latinx, Native American Studies, Theatre Arts, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Phone: 541-346-1697
Office: 275 McKenzie Hall

Nicholas Luongo

Graduate Student
Institute for Fundamental Science, Physics
Phone: 541-346-4770
Office: 315 Willamette Hall

Ariel Lutnesky

Graduate Student
Folklore Program
Phone: 541-346-1513
Office: 20 PLC

Jimmy Lynch

Graduate Student
Office: 219 Willamette

Kathryn Lynch

Co-Director, Environmental Leadership Program
Environmental Studies
Phone: 541-346-5070
Office: 140 Columbia Hall
Research Interests: environmental anthropology, environmental education, ethnobotany

Jessica S. Lynch

Senior Instructor I
American English Institute
Phone: 541-346-1199
Office: 265 Oregon Hall

Kathy Lynn

Research Assistant
Native American Studies, SAIL
Phone: 541-346-5777
Office: 243 Columbia Hall

Brittany Lyon

Graduate Employee
Human Physiology