Social Sciences

Meredith Jacobson

Graduate Employee
Phone: 541-346-0675
Office: 721 PLC
Office Hours: Winter 2023: By Appointment
Research Interests: Environmental sociology, settler colonial studies, forest and fire governance

Mary Jaeger

Professor, Graduate Advisor
Classics, Food Studies, Humanities Program
Phone: 541-346-4068
Office: 335 Susan Campbell Hall
Office Hours: Wednesdays 12:30pm-2:30pm and by appointment

Chandler James

Assistant Professor
Political Science
Phone: 541-346-4747
Office: 913 PLC
Office Hours: Fall 23: Tuesday 2-4pm and by appointment
Research Interests: American Presidency, Public Opinion, and Political Behavior

Jordan James

Doctoral Student
Office: F23: Monday 2:00-4:00pm

Dennis Jenkins

Senior Research Associate
Phone: 541-346-3026
Office: Or State Mus Of Anth, Bldg 107
Office Hours:

Owen Jetton

Doctoral Student
Phone: 541-346-1261
Office: 417 PLC
Office Hours: Fall 2023: Monday and Tuesday 10am - 12pm
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Econometrics

Benton Johnson

Professor Emeritus
Phone: 541-434-4371
Office Hours: Retired; no office hours.

Geoffrey Johnson

ESSP/Geography PhD Candidate
Phone: 541-346-2698
Office: 217A Pacific Hall
Research Interests: Forest Ecology, Environmental History, Climate Change, Human/Environment

Leigh Johnson

Associate Professor
Environmental Studies, Geography
Phone: 541-346-2644
Office: 151 Condon Hall
Office Hours: On Sabbatical 2023-2024
Research Interests: Climate change and environmental risk, political ecology, finance, development studies, East Africa, labor, firefighting

Sarabeth Johnson

Graduate Employee
Office: MCK 350D
Research Interests: Russia/Soviet Union, Migration (Émigrés), Gender

Will Johnson

Adjunct Instructor
Assistant Vice Provost for International Affairs
Global Studies
Phone: 541-346-4713
Office: 300W Oregon Hall
Office Hours: Winter 2018: Thursdays 5-360pm or by appointment
Research Interests: Human Rights; Transitional justice and post-conflict peace building; corruption; international development

Dee Jolly

Graduate Student
Office: CON356
Office Hours: Wednesdays 12:30-2:30PM. No office hours during FINALS week.
Research Interests: transgender health, biocultural anthropology, stigma, intersectionality

Ryan Jones

Ann Swindells Chair
History, Russian East European and Eurasian Studies
Phone: 541-346-4859
Office: 383 McKenzie Hall
Office Hours: Tuesdays 1:30-3:30
Research Interests: Russia, The Pacific, Global Environment

Philippa Jorissen

Graduate Student
Phone: 541-346-5109
Office: 365/366 Condon Hall
Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00 am - 12:00 pm (virtual)
Research Interests: human ecodynamics, human environmental interactions, coastal and island archaeology, Caribbean archaeology, Pacific archaeology, zooarchaeology, historical ecology, baseline studies, colonization and decolonizing practices