Social Sciences

Yvette Saavedra

Assistant Professor
CLLAS, IRES, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Phone: 541-346-5521
Office: 218 Hendricks Hall
Office Hours: Please email for appointment.
Research Interests: Chicanx History and Studies; Chicana Feminist Theory; U.S.-Mexico Borderlands History and Studies; History of U.S. West; 19th and 20th century U.S History; 19th and 20th century gender and sexuality in the U.S.

Chantel Saban

PhD Candidate
Climate Studies, Geography
Phone: 541-346-2698
Office: 217A Pacific Hall
Research Interests: Paleoecology, aspen, fire history, Northern Great Basin, vegetation communities, human paleoecology

Edith Sackitey

Graduate Student
Environmental Studies

Damion Sailors

Graduate Student
Phone: 541-346-5109
Office: 365/366 Condon Hall
Office Hours: Via Zoom
Research Interests: Evolutionary Archaeology, Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis, Dungeons & Dragons

Doug Sam

Graduate Employee
Office: 350C McKenzie Hall

Gabe Sanchez

Assistant Professor
Phone: 541-346-9640
Office: 274 Condon Hall
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm or by appointment

Emmett Saulnier

Doctoral Student
Phone: 541-346-1261
Office: 428 PLC
Office Hours: Spring 2023: Tues/Wed 1-2pm
Research Interests: Environmental Economics

Michelle Scalise Sugiyama

Senior Instructor I
Phone: 541-346-5142
Office: 273 Condon Hall
Office Hours: Tues 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and by appointment.
Research Interests: Evolution of cultural transmission, social learning, and symbolic behavior; evolutionary psychology; hunter-gatherers; oral tradition; traditional ecological knowledge; play; warfare

Kate Schau

Undergraduate Coordinator
Anthropology, Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies, Geography
Phone: 541-346-3761
Office: 100 Cascade | 107 Condon
Office Hours: M-F 9am-3pm

Philip W. Scher

Divisional Dean for Social Sciences; Director, Latin American Studies Program
Professor of Anthropology and Folklore
Anthropology, Latin American Studies, SAIL
Phone: 541-346-5104
Office: 401 Tykeson Hall
Office Hours: Email for appointment

Joanna Schlegelmilch

Global Studies
Office: PLC 314
Office Hours: Wednesday 3:30-5

Jay Schmidt

Master's Student

Jason Schreiner

Adjunct Instructor, Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies
Phone: 541-346-3484
Office: 403 Straub Hall

Madison Schroder

Doctoral Student
Graduate Employee
Political Science
Office: 810 PLC

Jeff Schroeder

Assistant Professor
Asian Studies, Religious Studies
Phone: 541-346-4165
Office: 332 Susan Campbell
Office Hours: Wednesdays 2:00pm-4:00pm

Brett Scott

PhD Candidate
Graduate Employee
Political Science
Office: 831 PLC
Office Hours: Winter 2023: Wednesday 1:00-3:00
Research Interests: Race, Ethnicity & Politics, Social Policy, Income & Inequality, Power, Privilege & Politics

Ellen Scott

Phone: 541-346-5075
Office: 731 PLC
Office Hours: Fall 2022: Tuesdays 1:30-3:00 and by appointment
Research Interests: Low-wage work, carework, public policy, qualitative methods.

Emily Scott

Assistant Professor of History of Art and Architecture and Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies, German & Scandinavian, History Art & Arch
Office: Lawrence 218
Research Interests: Art, politics, and the environment

Leslie Selcer

English Graduate Student / GE
English, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Phone: 541-346-1548
Office: PLC 19
Office Hours: Spring Term: W 12-3pm
Research Interests: digital cultural studies; intersectional feminist studies; far-right political extremism; conspiracy cultures

Bish Sen

Associate Professor
Asian Studies, SOJC, SOJC-Media Studies Master's, SOJC-Media Studies PhD, SOJC-Media Studies Undergrad
Phone: 541-346-2880
Office: 311C Allen Hall

Maxim Shapovalov

MS Student
Office: Condon 160
Research Interests: Hydrology, Glaciology, Climatology, Remote Sensing, Climate Change, Spatial Data Analysis

George Sheridan

Phone: 541-346-4832
Office: 340A McKenzie Hall

Jiannbin Shiao

Associate Professor, Associate Department Head
Phone: 541-346-5366
Office: 613 PLC
Office Hours: Sp 2023: By appointment
Research Interests: Race and Ethnicity, Theory Knowledge Science, Qualitative Approaches, Quantitative Approaches

Kate Shields

PhD Candidate
Phone: 541-346-4522
Office: 208 Condon Hall
Research Interests: Political ecology, water resources, health, climate change, feminist and participatory methods, critical development studies, Central Asia and the Middle East

Stephen Shoemaker

History of Christianity
Humanities Program, Middle East and North African Studies, Medieval Studies, Religious Studies, Russian East European and Eurasian Studies
Phone: 541-346-4998
Office: 348 Susan Campbell Hall
Office Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays 11:00am-12:00pm or by appointment

Samantha Shune

Associate Professor
Director of the Communication Disorders and Sciences Program
College of Education, Communication Disorders and Sciences, Food Studies, SAIL
Phone: 541-346-7494
Office: 249 HEDCO Education Bldg
Research Interests: speech-language pathology, dysphagia, aging, caregiving

SM Shihab Siddiqui

Doctoral Student
Phone: 541-346-7755
Office: 518 PLC
Office Hours: Winter 2023: Monday 2-3 PM (via Zoom), Wednesday 11 AM - 12 PM (via Zoom)

Amanda Sikirica

Graduate Employee
Office: 620 PLC
Office Hours: Winter 2023: By Appointment
Research Interests: environmental sociology; sociology of science

Lucas Silva

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology
Biology, Environmental Studies
Office: 248 Columbia Hall

Carol Silverman

Professor Emeritus
Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Judaic Studies Program, Russian East European and Eurasian Studies
Office Hours:
Research Interests: Arts and human rights, music, Balkans, Roma, gender, ritual

Paul Simonds

Office Hours:

Lars Skalnes

Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Political Science
Phone: 541-346-4886
Office: 929 PLC
Office Hours: S23: Regular Hours Wednesday 10:00-1:00; Director Undergraduate Studies Wednesday 1:00-4:00
Research Interests: International political economy, International relations

Mychal Smigley

Master's Student

Christopher Smith

Graduate Employee
Recipient of Peggy Pascoe Fellowship
History, IRES
Phone: 541-346-0900
Research Interests: 19th Century American West / Native American

Ryan Smith

Academic and Career Advisor
General Social Sciences
Office: Tykeson 50H

Josh Snodgrass

Core Faculty, Global Health Program
Anthropology, Food Studies
Phone: 541-346-4823
Office: 354 Condon Hall

Amy Snyder

Doctoral Student
Graduate Employee
Political Science
Phone: 541-346-4864
Office: 806 PLC
Office Hours: S22 - Virtual: Thurs 3-4 (weeks 1-10 & finals week). Zoom url:
Research Interests: Indigenous Hawaiian Studies, Women Gender, and Sexuality, and Public Policy

Andy Solis

Office Assistant
Phone: 541-346-5102
Office: CON 308
Office Hours: M 8-11, R 8-12 and 2-4pm, F 8-11am

Insang Song

PhD Candidate
Phone: 541-346-0785
Office: 160 Condon
Research Interests: Spatiotemporal analysis, Causal inference, Health/medical Geography, Machine learning.

Mingyu "Kevin" Song

Doctoral Student
Phone: 541-346-7755
Office: 431 PLC
Office Hours: Spring 2023: By appointment
Research Interests: Economic Development and Growth

Haifa Souilmi

Doctoral Student
Graduate Employee
Political Science
Office: 833 PLC
Office Hours: Winter 2023: Thursday 12:00 - 1:00
Research Interests: Comparative politics, International relations, US Foreign Policy, Middle East and North Africa, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Religion , race and politics, interfaith dialogue.

Priscilla Southwell

Professor Emerita
Middle East and North African Studies, Political Science
Phone: 541-346-9857
Office: 915 PLC
Research Interests: Political behavior, U.S. and European politics

Erin Speltz

Master's Student
Phone: 541-346-5270

Nick Squires

Doctoral Student
Graduate Employee
Political Science
Office: 815 PLC
Research Interests: International Relations, US Foreign Policy, National Security, Climate Change, Intersectionality and the Politics of Knowledge, Labor History, Socioeconomic Policy, Conflict Transformation/Resolution

Preetham Sridharan

Graduate Employee
German & Scandinavian, History
Phone: 541-346-4802
Office: 340P McKenzie Hall
Office Hours: Fall 2022, Tue 10:00-Noon
Research Interests: Modern European intellectual history, nineteenth and twentieth-century Europe, history of linguistic thought, modern German history

Carol Stabile

Acting Dean, Clark Honors College
Clark Honors College, College of Arts and Sciences, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Phone: 541-346-3902
Office: 108 Chapman Hall
Office Hours: Thursdays, 11:30-1:30 PM and by appointment
Research Interests: Gender, race, and class in media; media history; feminism and technology

Sarah Stach

PhD Candidate
Graduate Employee
Political Science
Office: 816 PLC
Office Hours: Winter 2023: Friday 11:30-12:30
Research Interests: Marxism; post-/anti-colonial theory; social reproduction theory; Indigenous dispossession; leisure and politics; land and property regimes; resistance

Garrett Stanford

Doctoral Student
Phone: 541-346-7755
Office: 428 PLC
Office Hours: Winter 2023: By Appointment

Sarah Stapleton

Assistant Professor
College of Education, Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education, Curriculum & Teaching, Curriculum and Teacher Education, Educational Foundations, Environmental Studies, Food Studies
Phone: 541-346-5834
Office: 130C Lokey Education Bldg
Research Interests: climate change education, science and environmental education, food and schools, participatory research

Richard Steers

Professor Emeritus
Asian Studies
Phone: 541-346-8239
Office: 311 Lillis Hall

Leslie Steeves

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor
African Studies, SOJC, SOJC-Media Studies Master's, SOJC-Media Studies PhD
Phone: 541-346-3751
Office: 209 Allen Hall

Lynn Stephen

Philip H. Knight Chair, Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences, Professor of Anthropology
Graduate Faculty in Ethnic Studies, Participating Faculty in Latin American Studies, Women's and Gender Studies
Anthropology, CLLAS, Food Studies, IRES, Latin American Studies, Latinx, SAIL
Phone: 541-346-5168
Office: 316 Condon Hall
Office Hours: Spring 2023, Tuesdays 1:30 -3:30 or by appointment in CON 316. Please email me at if you want an appointment for meeting on zoom. I have some Thursday afternoons available from 1:30 - 2:30.
Research Interests: Gender, Race and Ethnicity, Migration, Indigenous Peoples, Americas, Legal Pluralism, Social Memory, Testimony, Gender Violence

Kirstin Sterner

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-8614
Office: 352 Condon Hall
Office Hours: Tuesdays 12pm to 1:30pm and by appointment in Condon 352 for Spring term

Shannan Lenke Stoll

Doctoral Student
Environmental Studies

Joe Stone

Professor Emeritus
Phone: 541-346-4667
Office: 527 PLC
Office Hours: By appointment
Research Interests: international economics, labor, applied econometrics.

Xiaobo Su

Department Head
Asian Studies, Climate Studies, Geography
Phone: 541-346-4568
Office: 175 Condon Hall
Research Interests: Tourism and cultural politics, transnational regionalization, China and Myanmar

Peter Suechting

Doctoral Student
Environmental Studies, Political Science
Phone: 541-346-4864
Office: 837A PLC
Research Interests: climate change, international/comparative political economy, comparative politics/comparative environmental politics, energy policy, industrial policy

Lawrence Sugiyama

Phone: none
Office: 329 Condon Hall
Office Hours:

Zhaoxu Sui

Master's Student
Phone: 6124335839
Office: Condon 160
Research Interests: cartography, place names, toponymy, map design

Richard Suttmeier

Professor Emeritus
Political Science
Phone: 541-346-2856
Office: 828 PLC
Research Interests: Sci & Tech in US-China Relations

Mikaela Sweet

Graduate Employee
Office: 340E McKenzie Hall
Research Interests: Soviet Russian History, Women's and Gender History, History of the Family, History of Motherhood, Political History, Social History, Cultural History

Justin Szasz

Graduate Employee
Phone: 541-346-1261
Office: 623 PLC
Office Hours: Winter 2023: Friday 2-4
Research Interests: Environmental sociology, political economy, climate change